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Best Podcast Editing & Production Services (For Every Budget)

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just record your podcast, wait a couple of days, and have a perfectly edited and ready-to-go podcast episode to deliver to your audience?

Well, you can!

Looking for podcast editing software?

There are a number of podcast editing services that will do just that. But that’s not all. Many of these companies will implement ID3 tags, create show notes and links, and even upload the episode for you.

They can help you choose podcast equipment, design cover art, submit to podcast directories, consult on show ideas, start a podcast… you name it!

The services – and prices – vary between companies, so I’ll highlight what’s included and what you might have to pay extra for where possible.

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Here’s my list of top podcast editing and production services in 2024:

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Resonate Recordings

Resonate Recordings provides a simple process for high-quality podcast editing that is used by many of the top podcasts.

They offer a full suite of podcast production services and various plans that will absolutely fit your needs:

First is their Standard Package at $59 per episode that includes mixing and mastering, ID3 tagging, adding intros, outros & sponsors, removing background noise, uploading to your host, and more.

The next level is their Premium Package at $139 per episode for professional editing, mixing, and mastering. At this tier, they will remove umms, repeat words, dead air, and basically make you sound perfect. If podcasting is an important part of your business or brand (and it should be!) – this is the level I would choose.

For both of those tiers, they promise a 72 hour turnaround time.

For those that are creating more “NPR-style” narratives, audio dramas, true crime shows, or want to take their production value to the next level, they have a new Enhanced level of the above Standard and Premium Packages. This includes custom production, sound design & effects, music, and more.

The prices are $199/episode for Enhanced with a 1 week turnaround time.

They also offer Enterprise Services to give organizations the turnkey podcast production services they need. Enterprise audio production starts at $349 and includes a dedicated account rep, dedicated production team, and priority turnaround time.

Their Custom Services start at $625 and include unlimited sound design for podcasters who are crafting a high-quality audio experience such as a narrative true-crime podcast.

Resonate has pre-paid options that will save you a bit as well. The more episodes, the bigger the discount.

With all of the above, And if you’re getting ready to launch a new podcast, they have an incredible value with a few different Show Launch Packages that can include:

  • Hosting and RSS feed setup
  • Submission to iTunes and other directories
  • Custom cover art creation
  • Intro, outro, and ad music creation
  • Intro, outro, and ad voiceover recording
  • Training and consulting

They also offer show notes, social sharing teasers, transcription, consulting, and more.

This short video is a great explanation of their different package tiers with examples (opens in a new tab):

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Lower Street

Not all podcasts are created equal. Making an incredible show requires thought, flexibility, and collaboration with a podcast production company that cares about much more than just audio.

Creating a valuable podcast goes way beyond what mic to use or how to remove ‘um’s and ‘uh’s. It’s about creating unique, inspiring, engaging content built to support broader business goals. And that’s where Lower Street comes in.

If you want to launch a stand-out show for your brand, create a narrative style podcast (think NPR or BBC), or promote your existing show to grow your audience, reach out to the expert team at Lower Street.

Podcast Motor

I’ve mentioned Podcast Motor previously as one of the top podcasting blogs, but their main focus is full-service podcast editing and publishing.

All of their packages include show note writing and ID3 tagging, but the real value comes at the $699 and up packages because they will upload the episode to your host and publish the episode with show notes to your website. Their best package also includes a transcription with time stamps.

All you have to do is focus on creating great content!


Podigy offers podcast editing, show notes, and will upload your podcast.

Pricing starts at $499/month for editing, but only goes up to $599/month to add pre-written show notes and uploading. There are no contracts, but you can get a 15% discount when you sign up for 3 months.

They also have a great deal where if you let them include an ad for their service you’ll get $100 off. Sounds good to me.

They also have really detailed audio editing guides if you want to learn how to do what they do. I’m probably going to have to take some notes.

Podcast FastTrack

Another provider of podcast production services that includes a lot more than just audio editing is Podcast Fast Track.

The team at Podcast Fast Track is a group of skilled professionals who offer:

  • Audio editing and production
  • Show note creation that’s optimized for SEO
  • Podcast cover art
  • Episodic artwork
  • Lead magnets
  • Motion graphics for social media promotion
  • Launch strategy and podcast consulting
  • Voice over and custom music

and a bunch more…

The team’s founder and Client Happiness Guy, Carey Green started the business in 2013 and it has been rocking ever since. He has carefully positioned the business to be values-driven and aimed at serving his team, his clients, and the podcasting community through quality content that truly changes the world.

Carey also produces a weekly podcast about podcasting called Podcastification.

You can find out more about everything the PFT team offers at PodcastFastTrack.com.

I also recommend checking out the comment section below or reading this page to make sure you’re a good fit.


Sonics offers podcast editing in monthly packages or per episode. You get a fully edited show along with show notes and mentioned resources.

Up to 1 hour long shows are £350/month (weekly episodes) and 30 minutes shows are £150/month.

Paddle Productions

Paddle Productions is a company that will assist you at every stage of producing a podcast. They will guarantee every effort will be made to ensure your podcast is polished to the highest standard.

Their services include:

  • Recording service (UK only)
  • Equipment and recording training
  • Professional editing, mixing, and mastering
  • Professional noise reduction and audio repair
  • Podcast branding including intro, outro, and music
  • Uploading to your host and directory submission
  • Show notes
  • Startup packages including hosting and RSS feed setup

They provide individualized and tailored service so you will get the best results for your needs with bespoke daily, weekly and monthly packages starting at £120.

Pro Podcast Solutions

Pro Podcast Solutions has two podcast editing packages: Starter for $224/month and MVP for $497/month. You can also choose to add show notes, transcription, or consulting as needed.

The MVP package gets you 2-day turnaround (vs 3 with Starter), professional editing, and a half hour of consulting per month.

They have a great list of well-known clients too.

The Podcast Creative

The Podcast Creative has podcast editing packages ranging from audio editing and mastering to packages that include show notes and transcriptions.

Prices for shows between 30 and 60 minutes are $349/month for editing, $449/month for editing plus show notes, and $799 for editing, show notes, and transcription.

Cashflow Podcasting

Cashflow Podcasting is a full-service podcast editing and shownote service. If you want a completely hands-off process where you only need to create your podcast episode, then this is for you.

Here’s a highlight of what you get:

  • Audio editing (removing mistakes, umms, etc.)
  • Add intros, outros, ads, etc.
  • Uploading to your podcast host.
  • Written show notes
  • Transcribe your episode (in premium package)
  • Schedule episode on your site

They have 2 packages starting at $899/month. If your time is at a premium, this is the way to go, hands down.

Freedom Podcasting

Freedom Podcasting offers podcast editing, but also a lot more.

They have a launch package that will walk you through the creation of your show from inception to completion, including helping you find music, script intros and outros, and more.

In addition to stellar audio editing for both interview and narrative style shows, they also write show notes and blog posts for you, meaning you get double the content. Here’s a list of everything they can do:

  • Audio editing and mixing
  • MP3 tagging
  • Uploading to host and distributing to listening platforms
  • Written show notes including quotes, links, and keywords
  • Blog post creation on your website
  • Show art and episode art creation
  • Tech and recording help

Their pricing ranges from $85 – $255 depending on the length of your finished episode.

We Edit Podcasts

We Edit Podcasts offers a range of different options that will definitely fit your budget. Whether you just want podcast editing, or you want show notes and a transcription included, they guarantee delivery within 48 hours!

Their ‘5 episodes per month’ plan starts at $249/month for editing and goes up to $549/month for show notes and transcription. These are excellent prices and offer everything you need to simply upload and schedule your episode.

Podcast Monster

Podcast Monster can help you with (nearly) everything related to podcast production and editing. Whether you need help with show design, posting to iTunes or Stitcher, creating show notes, or consulting, just hit them up.


ScrubCast will edit your podcasts per episode or per month. The prices per episode are $149 and the monthly, 4 episode plan is $549/month. They will upload the files for you if needed, and will tag, edit, level, remove mistakes, and more. Pricing is based on podcasts up to 35 minutes in length but just get in touch for longer episode pricing. ScrubCast also offers transcription if needed.

They will edit your first episode for free to show you how it works, try it out!

Podcast Press

Podcast Press focuses on professional audio editing for your podcast at a very reasonable price. Their podcast editing plans start at $97/month for 4 episodes per month. They also have a 12 episode per month plan for $247 and a daily episode package for $500. Killer deal if you ask me. Show notes and transcription services are extra.

Podcast Engineers

Dave at Podcast Engineers knows his stuff. They focus on making sure your message comes across clearly, as well as cleaning up any mistakes.

They have different plans based on how long your podcast episodes are. Up to 1 hour per episode is $249/month for 4 episodes, but feel free to check out their other editing plans. They also offer show notes, transcriptions, and even websites as add-ons.

Final Thoughts

All of these podcast editing services can save you a ton of time so you can focus on creating a great podcast. I don’t have personal experience with all of these companies, but I have heard great things about all of them.

Let’s hear from you! Have you used any of these companies? What are your thoughts?

Article By Ross Winn

Ross Winn is the founder of Podcast Insights, the industry-leading podcast education site. He has helped thousands of people start and grow a podcast and loves to test out new gear and software.
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