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Best Universal Microphone Shock Mount (For Studio Mics)

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Choosing the best universal microphone shock mount is interesting because most microphone brands offer their own compatible shock mounts that are designed to perfectly fit the microphone they are designed for.

In some cases, they don’t offer a compatible shock mount, which is a great reason to get a universal one…

But I think the #1 reason to get a universal shock mount is so you don’t have to get a new one when you decide to get a new microphone.

Good ones (like our recommendation) tend to be built with better materials that will last much longer than what most microphone brands will offer as well and reduce vibration and unwanted noise better.

Cheaper ones usually have suspensions that are much too tight and don’t do a good job reducing sound.

What does a microphone shock mount do?

In short, shock mounts reduce vibrations from traveling into the microphone. This can range from handling noise when moving your boom arm, to vibrations created from HVAC systems, to taps on your desk or typing on your keyboard.

You’ll notice a huge difference (for the better) when using a shock mount because sound traveling directly into the microphone (vs through the air) can be very loud and distracting.

Typically you need a microphone stand of some kind (desk stand, boom arm, floor stand, etc.) in order to attach a shock mount.

What is the best universal shock mount for most microphones?

Rycote InVision

Rycote is a company that specializes in shock mounts and other microphone accessories, so it really shouldn’t be any surprise that they have the best universal shock mount for (most) studio microphones.

The Rycote InVision uses a thermoplastic material they call Lyre to suspend the microphone and reduce vibration. The benefit of this is that it’s like silicon and is nearly indestructible, it won’t sag and wear out over time, and it has better sound isolation by 12dB!

The microphone attaches by 4 screws with rubber tips. This allows you to easily attach microphones with different shapes and sizes easily, even if they aren’t round. There’s also a microphone cable clip to help reduce sound caused by the cable touching your boom.

There are actually 3 models of the InVision:

  • USM (Universal Shock Mount)
  • USM-L (Lite)
  • USM-VB (Very Big?)

The main model, Rycote InVision USM, has black Lyres and is designed for microphones from between 18 to 55 mm in diameter. It can be used in any orientation (horizontal or vertical).

USM-L has red Lyres and is designed for microphones weighing up to 400g (or up to 750 if used vertically) with the same 18-55 mm diameter.

The USM-VB model is for microphones with a diameter between 55 – 68 mm weighing up to 900 grams.

They also offer the shock mount as part of a kit that includes their high-quality universal pop filter in the Rycote InVision Studio Kit.

You’ll also find Rycote brand shock mounts built-in with several on-camera shotgun mics (like the Rode VideoMic Pro+) and likely paired with other quality microphones.

Article By Ross Winn

Ross Winn is the founder of Podcast Insights, the industry-leading podcast education site. He has helped thousands of people start and grow a podcast and loves to test out new gear and software.
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